Which Motherboard?

Asrock Z77 Pro 3($100) or MSI Z77A-G41($70(-$20))
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  1. Get the ASrock here is a review on that MSI along with a nice quote from it's conclusion


    I'm seriously disappointed in MSI. I've evaluated some of its budget offerings in the past and found those to be an incredible value for the money with enthusiast-like features and performance at a budget price point. This board is not one of those. It's cheap, it's quirky, and unpolished. I have no confidence in this board's ability to do anything over a protracted period of time and the quirks are inexcusable. It has minimal features yet those features do not necessarily work correctly. Amateur hour layout mistakes on such a simple board leave me scratching my head and asking, "Why?" I'd avoid this board at all costs even if that meant saving another week or two until my piggy bank would allow me to buy something better
  2. I purchased a asrock 970 am3+ and it has problems with its video, it just doesnt show video no matter the card,

    I would go with the other one, but these are different types of boards so im not exactly sure
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