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Which Video Card?

I recently purchased a HP P-7 1226s computer and have a total of 8 gb memory. processor is a Intel R Core TM 13-2130 CPU @ 3.4 ghz, 3400 MHz, 2 core 4 logical and a Intel R Graphics Family Card. I do alot of Video and Photo editing. I use Adobe Premier and Elements and Pinnacle Studio. The Studio works pretty good. The Adobe premiere hadly at all without freezing up. I have spent hours with Adobe and really no help. I know my card is probably not sufficient but without spending hundreds of dollars what card would be best for what Im doing? I do not play games on my computer but I do upload alot of video. Any help on what I should get is appreciated. Fred
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  1. What is your budget? The best card you can get with the power supply in there is the Radeon HD 7750.
  2. $150
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    Then I would go for the 7750, as it would run on your power supply with no problem.
  4. what about the Nvidia gtx 550 or 650 or even the 670? overkill?
  5. Well none of those except for the 550Ti can be found at $150, and the 550Ti will not run on your current power supply. You would have to change the power supply for any of those cards to run.
  6. thank you
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