Why aren't my game saves not working?

ok, so guys,here's the deal,I have recently decided to format my my C and reinstall windows, because i had some unsolved issues that were driving me crazy..so, i decided to make a back up of the whole drive in order to be able to retrieve any saved game files into there original place, and I did, but some weren't working at all.
it was like the game wasn't detecting them, and it is really frustrating because i was able to retrieve the saves for other games like assassins creed brotherhood.
some of the games I failed to retrieve it's saves, was "burnout paradise city" and "the darkness ll" i retrieved the saves exactly where they should be and i even reinstalled burnout, but still no luck...
so what am I doing wrong? i have win7 6bit
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  1. have you updated the games? sometimes save games don't work between different versions
  2. thank you for replying, and yes i have updated the game, tho, i will try updating again.
    Edit:no dice
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