Is this set worth the money?

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Do you think it is worth the money?
Its mainly pickd by me, and will go to gaming PC, with a 21,5'' monitor.
Please tell if it should need something more, or is something not that important in it.
All comments are highly thankable.
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  1. For gaming it's perfect. The i5 will do a great job. 8GBs of ram is just enough for gaming. The 660 ti can handle almost any games, so I would say you have a good build!
  2. The HDD seems a little over-priced, but everything else seems good.

    This Mobo is a bit better and it comes with 8 gigs of free ram if you buy it from newegg.
  4. ittimjones said:
    The HDD seems a little over-priced, but everything else seems good.

    Not really that's how much my HDD is.
  5. Couple of suggestions: Get a Z77 Extreme4. Cheaper and better. Also comes with 8GB free RAM at newegg.

    RAM is 1.65V so voids CPU warranty.

    Get the Vertex4. Faster and cheaper. Also, your HDD is overpriced:

    Get a 7950 (or 7970) unless you expect to play pretty much only BF3.

    Get an air cooler. Closed loop cooling is usually overpriced and gets beaten by cheaper air coolers.

    EDIT: Missed everyone else. Sorry if this is repetition.
  6. The 660 ti is good if you like nvidia like me, but that amd card is also good. Someone somewhere you sort off repeated what I said about the Mobo :P
  7. Note the edit. I spent a while looking for changes. I still have at least two unstated ideas (GPU + cooler).

    The 7950 does generally destroy the 660Ti though.
  8. Well, for a gaming PC you're spending an awful lot on CPU + water cooler, but I guess you're going for "quiet/silent" build.

    I'd recommend to get WD caviar black rather than green, the access times are a big difference.

    Also, it seems to me that you forgot to include a CD-rom & OS. If you're planning to use something you've already got on hand, that's cool, but if not, do include those into your budget, because that will run you an extra $100
  9. Thank you for your answers, now few replies.

    First of all i will get the ram and mobo in a set, and its roughly 140€ so i think its a great deal, tho it might not be the best card our there.

    And on Nvidia or Radeon, i have asked and found out really litle of them, but io think that 660 ti is just great for me, good cost and good specs.

    And infact, the HDD is maybey not the one that i will buy, not sure yet.

    And yes, im gettinbg the h2o cause its quitnes, i live in whit my family, and i also like a really quiet PC,
    And aswell im proply getting the BitFenix Ghost case, maybey, maybey.

    I forgot the os and dvd, but i have thought of them, just the normal ASUS 25€ dvd drive and Windows ofcourse, 7 or 8. not quiet sure about it.
  10. Windows 8 is a big change it will take a bit to get used to it just warning you.
  11. I would drop that cooler and get something like a Hyper 212+.
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