Im curious to know how many cores i have in my CPU?

Recently i have run the directX diagnostic tool to find out what version of directX i was running, i notticed it displayed other info about my computer so i took a look. It said that i have 2 CPU's. I asked the internet how to find out how many cores you have, and it said open up task manager and go to performance and where it says CPU, the number of graphs equal how many cores you have. Then i ran the AMD system monitor and it said i had 2 cores and it showd me how each core was running ie. Stress, performance. I have a pentium 4 3.2GHZ processor by INTEL. Its part of the RC900 by Acer. I have 2 of these computers and they both say their dual core but they arnt according to online specs. I would like to know this as i would like to increase my game play speed.
Can anyone explain whats going on?
Thanks in advance
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  1. What you have is a hyperthreaded pentium 4. What this means is that there are 2 virtual cores within your one physical CPU core. As far as increasing gaming performance, All you can really do is get a better computer.
  2. Yes i plan on that. But i need to save up and get a decent system rather than always upgrading. Im just using this system for a short time untill i can get a better system. I play a lot of minecraft, and because im new to hyper threading, if i disable it will minecraft run faster? to me it sounds like hyper threading splits the processor in 2 and if i were to disable it mincraft would get more power. Am i right? probably not....
  3. HyperThreading is created to better utilize cpu resources which would otherwise be wasted. So turning it off usually doesn't gain you anything.
  4. Ok thanks.
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