Looking for advice and Help (Tesla vs GTX)

I'm reaching out in hopes for some answers to some questions I have, so I figured this would be the best place to ask outside of the research I've already done.

To start things off I am doing some research for my company, before we spend a bunch of cash and it end up not being what we want.

So here is project details as much as I can explain without any confusion:

1.Building this for mechanical engineers that work with AutoCAD and Microstation.
2. Will be put into a Server and HOPING to run in a virtual desktop interface (remote)

I have read a lot about both the Tesla Cards such was the M2090\M2075 and also the GTX690.

All that I have really gathered is the 690 would be great for gaming, and the tesla series would perform better in calculations. As well as the Teslas running much cooler (which is huge for it being in a server). I dont think money is going to be any questions here, so I dont want to here it depends on budget. I'm just trying to get an answer as to what would be the best option in this case, and why?

I'm leaning more towards the teslas, but I need some more information that I may, or may not have understood completely. Any info I can get on this topic would be much appreciated. I will try to keep up on this topic as quickly as possible, as we have already began setting the machines and severs to test out some things on. (Now we are to the phase as to what we really need video card wise).

Look forward to hearing some information

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  1. For professional use and no budget limitations definite the tesla, the professional card would be way better. The 690 is mainly designed for gaming and because of that limited in performance for what you need. tesla is much better with computing, rendering etc.
  2. ^ AFAIK tesla only does calculation and computing and no rendering stuff to it at all. if you look at tesla the card doesn't even have video out put. if you want professional rendering stuff you go for quadro.
  3. Ah my bad. Got the tesla and quadro mixed up i'm afraid. Sorry.

    Saw this thread on page 5, unanswered and thought i give it a try, though i don't know really much about this stuff, did google but mixed things a bit maybe. But ,same as now, ; i know when i make a mistake someone will correct me, people here are good at that.

    Thanks for the lesson.
  4. So should I be looking into the quadro line then? I know right now they are trying to cut costs a little by not having to a pay a fortune for desktops to run AutoCAD, and Microstation. So to do that we are trying to test out whether it's possible and smooth enough to do it through VDI.

    I'm like you, I know a lot about the gaming side of cards, but know very little about professional grade cards. I know the first look was the tesla's because Dell actually offers them with some of their servers. Think we are looking into a very high end dell PowerEdge 820 .
  5. Really would like to help, but as stated before ; i don't know very much about this stuff. Only reason i replied was that your thread was way down at page 5 without an answer. ( while i know that there are people here who do know about the stuff )
    I know by reacting on a thread it will be shown on top of the list at page 1 and even when i give a wrong answer, as i did here, there are always people glad to correct me.
    Only a shame that some are more than willing to say i'm wrong but don't give any further assistance to the op. Like it's almost more important to show me wrong than actually helping . . . What ever.
  6. Well thanks anyway rob. All I can do is hope someone can give me some better info. I pretty much gathered everything I could find on them on google myself, but thats not enough for me to present it to my boss to spend 3 grand lmao
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