Should I Upgrade my CPU or GPU?

Current Rig:

Asus Crosshair iv Formula 890FX
Phenom II 1090T hex core
8GB DDR 3 1600
Gigabyte Radeon 5870 1GBDDR5 @ 5040 x1050 *3 x 22" LCD WS*
BFG tech 800W PSU
32GB SSD boot
1TB storage
150GB WD raptor 10krpm Games

I want to upgrade my machine to boost my FPS and overall gameplay. I want to know if it would be better to Upgrade to an i7 core platform, while keeping my current GPU:

i7 3820 SB-E LGA 2011
Gigabyte X79 LGA 2011
16GB DDR3 2133 quad channel

for about a little under $800

Or keep my current platform, OC my CPU and upgrade to:

16GB DDR3 2000 dual channel

2 x 7950's X-Fired together.

As long as I keep my 1090T OC @ 4ghz, will their still be a bottleneck for the new GPUs? or will I boost my FPS with new CPU/MOBO/MEM with my current 5870
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  1. Since your gaming at 5040 x1050 resolution, GPU upgrade is the current best option. RAM is sufficient for some more time. 2 X 7950 is a good option..........
  2. Your CPU renders the client module, not the graphics within, unless written to do so specifically.

    People often use the wrong side of their body when trying to guide people on these matters.
    Get a better GPU, as long as everything's compatible there shouldn't be a problem.

    GPU > CPU > HDD/SSD > motherboard > RAM > PSU > cooling, etc.
  3. If you have the money- i7, of course. (a slight gpu upgrade with it)

    I would worry about two 7950's causing a possible bottleneck because of your cpu, even if you do OC the 1090. If you want to go crossfire with two of those, I'd suggest also upgrading your cpu so that your setup can get the processing power it needs.
    An overclocked 1090T with a single 7950 seems like a nice compliment though.
  4. Forgot to add: it is better to spend your money on things you need, in this situation.
    > 6GB RAM makes no sense.

    Your graphics are not rendered into your RAM, again, unless specifically written to be so.
    RAM stores program variables, structures, code, data of specific types and so on.
    No modern game application uses more than 3GB of RAM, unless it has some issue in it where pointers, strings or the like are dynamically allocated or converted wrongly, causing memory to constantly rise (i.e., overflow of data in buffers).

    You'd do fine with 4GB, 16GB you won't ever need for playing modern games.
  5. Ive decided to keep my current platform and upgrade my GPU and my gaming HDD to a fast SSD
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