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hi i want to build a new computer to play games. i really want to be able to play games maxed out at 1280x960 or sometimes 1600x1200 if i can. some games i play are LoL need for speed hot pursuit or black ops also make YouTube vids they are usually 480p not higher i use adobe premier i want it to be also good for school like Microsoft office and stuff here it is: i might overlcock the video card because they say it is a very cool card and i might go crossfire later maby when i save up enough money 6-7 months. i also plan to buy it on Christmas so price might go down a bit and my budget is 700 dollars. thanks please give me and advice you can any thing will help thank you
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  1. get an i5 if you are working with premire you will want a better cpu

    mobo savings $40
    hdd cost +10

    cpu cost 60

    cpu cooler Stock savings $20

    total cost +10

    Also you should update your post saying your from canada
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