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Hi everyone. I just bought a 2nd monitor for school and I cannot use both at the same time. I have a Radeon 6970. I have a DVI port and a HDMI. I was using my HDMI cable when I was using only on monitor. Everything was working fine. But now, when I try to use a VGA cable in my hold monitor, it doesn t detect the cable. (Vga: No input signal, HMDI: Active) I plugged both capable in the same monitor and I m trying to switch between HDMI and VGA. I have the converter for VGA to DVI. I tried 3 cables and 2 converters and it doesn t work. I tried the same thing on my 2nd monitor, doesn t work either.
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  1. Because there's only 1 HMDI port in my video card and I want to use it on my main monitor. The one I bought today. So I want to switch to vga on my old monitor so that I can use my HDMI on my new monitor.
  2. I use DVI, It starts has a VGA from my monitor and I use a converter for the port. Sorry if I m confusing. I m trying to switch between HDMI and DVI, but both monitor go blank when I remove the HDMI cable and try to use the DVI one.
  3. I don t know how to test the dvi-port, but windows detect the 2nd monitor. When I click detect in the display menu, it does see both monitor.
  4. I tried plugging both cable at the same time in my new monitor and tried to switch between HDMI and analog, but the analog screen is blank and it automaticly switch me back to hdmi.
  5. And yes, you understand perfectly lol. In addition, if I use the HDMI in my old monitor, it works also. I m trying to find out if I have to do something to switch the signal between HDMI and DVI.
  6. Alright, I ll go buy a HDMI to DVI adapter and will comeback here to tell you if it worked. Thanks
  7. It worked! Got the hdmi cable and the dvi converter for 13$ at a store nearby. Thank you very much!!!
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