What should i pair with my 660ti

i'm getting the 660 ti, but i need a CPU for around 125$. iv looked at i3's, but they only dual core, and iv looked at amd's and they run slower than the i3's, but are four cores? what should i do. should i get a cheaper graphics card and better CPU? this build is for gaming and gaming only. i understand the 660ti is a bad-ass card. but would it be useless with a $125 cpu? any opinions will be appriaciated
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  1. Try to save some money on the GPU if you are budget conscious. The 660Ti is an awesome card, and I personally prefer Nvidia over AMD cards, but I just bought an AMD card because I think they are a better bang for your buck proposition right now.


    I bought a 7870 for $200 on rebate one month ago.

    a full hundred bucks less than a 660Ti

    I also wanted a quad core intel, that was a priority for me.

    BTW, it wouldn't be useless without a quad core, I just knew I wanted a quad core, i bought a 3570K, I m thinking towards the future, maybe in a year I will add a second video card in crossfire for 150 or so.
  2. I would get this 7950
    and open box one
    or this
    it is $305 but it comes with 3 games. This is an amazing deal.
    I would get this cpu
    or this one
    I would spend 10 more in order to get a 6 core, but it might not be as good for gaming.
  3. A $250 gpu would be the way to go and pair it with an i5, my preference is the 3570k, because its a much more balanced system. The suggested above 7870 is an awsome card as well. the i3 would be fine but many games are starting to utilize more then 2 cores. I would avoid the amd cpus. Toms gpu tier list puts the 7870 and the 660ti on the same tier.

  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161404

    i got this for 200 a month ago,

    If I were you I would hop on that card jackspeed posted, a solid deal

    take the money and get a quad core intel, maybe a 3570k, a little more now, but you can overclock it and get more out of down the road

    or get a $185 i5 quad core, same money as 660Ti and a crappier processor

    intel processors are where you want to be these days
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