Will corsair h110 fit in a Carbide 500r case?

I want to know if the corsair h110 cpu cooler will fit in a corsair carbide 500r case?
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  1. Carbide 500r has 2 120/140mm fan mounts up top, so you could mount the radiator there.

    I don't see why it wouldn't fit.
  2. ^^ The 110 has 2x140mm mounts, but the 500r only has mounts for 120mm I think.
  3. According to Newegg, the case has 6 fan mounts capable of 140mm fans, and 4 capable of 120mm fans.

    The manual says the same. 10 mounts total, 6 are 140mm-compatible.

    Some quick browsing on Corsair's forums tells me that the two top fans are 140mm compatible.

    So it should work just fine.
  4. The top on the 500r pops open and the radiator will fit there (either double 120mm or double 140mm), it even has a spot for the inlet and outlet hoses for the corsair radiator, you may need to separate the fans from the radiator, and mount the fans below the radiator bay at the top from the inside in a "push" configuration. I have the case, holding off on buying the H110 cooler later once I start playing around with OC my i7-3770K processor. I have the ASUS P8Z77-V-Deluxe MOBO and it looks like there is enough room for the fans above the MOBO if you put the radiator in the pop-open top compartment that looks like is purpose built for the radiator.
  5. Looking at this guy's experience, it's possible, but it requires a bit of modification of your case:
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