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Hi all! I have a question about CPU and RAM latency: I am with single channel 8gb GEIL evo leggera 1600mhz XMP-9-9-9-28 and amd fx 8350. And i'm getting bigger latency with this ram than a amd fx 8150 with dual channel 1866 ram 9-10-9-27 in aida64. so i'm wondering if i put +8 gb from geil to get dual channel, will the latency go down or not? or my ram is crappy? also on tests "memory copy" this 8150 is with 18588mb/s and i get with my 8350 10215mb/s, "memory read" 8150 14118mb/s and me - 11771mb/s.

Also on Cpu photoworxx i get 6749 score and this 8150 have 12508 score. Could it be because of the ram or from the VGA (and im with slow videocard because i still dont have the money for 7950). On cpu AES i get 17342 score which is close to the i7-3960, but in other tests in google on aida64 an fx 8120 gets 34250, fx 8350 39410 points on it so im still with too low score. On other tests im fine as other 8350 cpu's. here a 8350 have 48 ns latency i get around 54 to 58 ns latency with my single channel ram. where could be the problem?? please help me :??:
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  1. It is because you are running single vs dual channel on the other one.
  2. rolli59 said:
    It is because you are running single vs dual channel on the other one.

    and this means for all tests? (photo worxx, ram tests and CPU AES) and latency will go down too? and is my model ram good lets say for example compared to crucial LP 8-8-8-24
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  4. rolli59 said:

    thank you ! so i'll go to dual channel to fix this
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