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I have a slight problem with my Gigabyte GTX550TI OC card, about a month ago when i was playing it randomly crashed and shut down the whole computer, i waited a little then opened the case cleared the fans etc, thinking that it may have been a problem but it wasn't, since then it's randomly crashing, sometimes without any load, sometimes only when i'm playing a game for a few hours.

I have been using a gt430 since then, which was running without any problems at all. But i'm kinda annoyed by the fact that the gtx550ti is randomly crashing so I swapped the cards again and i'm looking around for solutions, i have tired underclocking the card to stock clocks which helped a little bit as first time i was able to run without any crash for 4-5 hours. I have disabled the nvidia hd audio as i read somewhere that those can cause some conflict with the audio drivers.

idle temp is about 54-55 C
load temp 70 C (but as I said sometimes it's crashing under load, sometimes it's running like a charm then crashes in windows for no reason)

my setup:
i7 2600k @ stock
8 gb ddr3 1333 mhz
550 W psi (planned to be changed soon as it's about 3 years old now)

any ideas?
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  1. The temps are fine. What PSU is that?
  2. Linkworld lpm16-25, noname and bad probably. It's maybe the cause of that's why i'm planning to change it soon, but that's not explaining the fact that it was running without any problem for about half a year.
    What PSU should I get?
  3. It could. You can go and buy a brand new car off the car lot and drive it very hard for half a year, and its going to wear alot quicker.
  4. True, true.
    What PSU should I get with a resonable price that can handle this system without problems?
  5. This is the lowest I would go with that computer:
  6. Okey, and if i plan to go a little bit higher should I stay with CORSAIR? Cause i'm planning on buying an another 550ti if this finally works to use SLI, but 500W won't be enough for that.

    I can spend barely the twice of the price of this one, what would you recommend in that price range? I would rather spend more on the PSU now and have a save system.
  7. sennn said:
    I would rather spend more on the PSU now and have a save system.

    I thank you for this, because 90% of people don't think that way. To SLI the 550Ti's, I would go for this:
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