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I have a pair of gtx 560s in SLI. They sit in with a z68 mobo,2500k, an 910w PSU. Overall, I was happy but the lack of AA has taken out some of the joy. I got both cards for about 160ish after MIR. I have about 400 bucks now and am thinking of where to go from here.

I'd like to play any game out maxed out. I also want to get a start playing w/ 3 monitors. I have a 22' screen now and would like to get a pair to add and play at 3x 22" screens (1080p).

I think I can get 100-120 bucks for the cards I have now. That would bring me to 600ish to play with.

I am looking for some feedback on how to get to 3 monitor gaming and maxed detail for about 600 bucks. I am not shy about SLI or OC the card/s.
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  1. Do you prefer one card or two? The 670 will do 3 monitors, although the 7970 will be a lot better in scaling for 3 monitors. For AA If you want you can go with Nvidia 680 since your budget is up to $600.

    Or the 7970 Ghz edition by Saphire or MSI. Either card could max out almost all games. The 670 would do that too its just that with 3 monitors you are better off going with the 7970.
  2. As selayan pointed out, for better result with 3 monitors set up HD 7970 GHz Edition Review http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-7970-ghz-edition-review-benchmark,3232.html
  3. I originally wanted a Ghz model but after some reading and reviews, realized that I'm not going to be running 3 monitors, maybe just a bigger resolution. I wanted an aftermarket cooler and the Ghz models (good ones at that started at $460). I would pay it off just as quick as I will the card I got now but just didn't want to spend that much.

    Even after the warranty may go by I may try flashing the bios to the Ghz edition but that can be risky.
  4. To clarify... I would like to get two 22 inch screens And a G p U For 600 or less SLI or single card is fine
  5. You can't go wrong with either a 7970 or 7970Ghz, or even a 680. If you want you can do two 670's as well. Nvidia sli is a little better than Amd in terms of drivers.
  6. If you seriously want to do 3 monitor gaming, here are some good benchmarks to keep in mind when choosing between a single card or SLI/CF:

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