ITX Build

Hi there!

So after my build last year which was a micro ATX build I want to go smaller....

With a ITX build!

So..... the parts I can reuse are:
i5 2320
Hard drive.

So there you have it, can you spec me a build for as low as you can go. extra points if you can get a SSD in there.

One extra note. I hate cables.... so modular would be nice.

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  1. Um.... under £200 would be great but that wont happen so lets say £300

    something eles is that I would need Wi Fi. I have a WIFI card but most only have one PCI.
  2. I am from the UK, dont mind about sites.
  3. I dont need a CD drive, so that is also good news.

    Will this run well? Mainly play Minecraft and some BF3.

    Looks darn good though.
  4. I was never one for ultra fancy graphics anyway.

    Just realized I will need a OS..... darn Win 7 OEM.

    Also your avatar changed...... spooky.

    made a few additions. the PSU will a Be Quite 530W PSU
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