My computer crashes when downloading

my computer crashes when downloading, the display will freeze and any sound that will be playing will be distorted. the only way to fix it is to hard restart, i must not have any other programs running if i want to download something without crashing.
i had the same type of crashing occurring before with my graphics card however the computer would resolve itself after some time and windows would pop up and say graphical crash an what not, however that got fixed due to the gpu was overheating and installed msi afterburner to fix it. then 3 months later these new crashes happened when downloading so i dont know what is causing the problem.

cpu: intel i5 660 3.33ghz
gpu: Gainward GeForce® GTS 450 1024MB "GS-GLH"
ram: Corsair XMS 3 6GB(3x2GB) DDR3 1333Mhz
MB: gigabyte GA-P55-USB3
HDD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache
network card: d-link Xtreme N Desktop PCI Adapter DWA-552
psu: antec 750w
cd drive: Sony 24x DVD-RW SATA
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  1. rocknrollz said:

    No errors came up, however if have been told that I should have windows on a separate partition on the hard drive and not on the same drive where all data is stored. do u believe this to be true
  2. Kendy Brown said:
    The most common reasons for computer crash include registry errors, conflicting security software, faulty computer components, new software or new hardware.

    1.You should troubleshooting whether if the crash happens every time a certain hardware device is plugged in or switched on, the device itself might be to blame. Check drivers update for the device, and download and install them to erase any bugs that might exist in your version. Similarly, if the freeze only happens when using one particular application, that program might also be the root cause.Otherwise switch to step 2.

    2.Download a registry cleaner to detect if there any registry errors exists. The registry cleaner will attempt to fix any problems found in the system registry keys and would usually prompt the user for a preferred action once an encountered error cannot be resolved.

    3.If the issue still exists, you can try to download and install a fixing software. Such as Windows Boot Genius, Windows Boot Genius is a multiple windows repair tool which can be used to fix all computer errors, create bootable CD/USB, recover data lost and unlock windows password, etc. It seems to be more effective and quick for you to fix computer crash.

    This is from:

    According to the issue occurs in your computer, you may check the hardware or use Windows Boot Genius to fix it.

    i have been troubleshooting i have taken out ram tested different ram as well, i have ran memtest and prime95 however i would like to test my network card but dont know how and if i remove it then i will not be able to check if the computer crashes due to i have no access to a ethernet port. i cant by that software that you recommend i a a student on a tight budget but i can do what that software does manually. with the registry i use ccleaner and use the registry feature on that so i think i have that covered
  3. Storing data on the same drive as windows is fine.
  4. well i still cant find out what the problem is so going to have to do a fresh install

    before i do this anyone know of a program that can test your network card
  5. I solved the problem

    it ended up to be something wrong with the network adapter drivers so installed the latest ones and now works like a charm
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