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Ok I am new to running SLI to start off with heh.

Here is my dielma.

I want to run two monitors on my quad 7970 rig. Both monitors work if I put them on the first video card, but there is only 1 dvi slot on each card, and both monitors on accept dvi.

When I plug in the 2nd monitor to any of the other 3 video card besides the 1st slot card it detects no signal.

So when I run SLI does it deactivate the ports on these cards?

Or is there a way to get the back dvi ports to work in SLI, or is this a driver issue?

I don't have enough SLI experience to know, so any help would be appreciated :)
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    if you want to crossfire and play it under eyefinity, all the ports must be connected to 1 card and one card only. if you connect them to a different card, it can utilize that card to display a monitor(under normal conditions) but not for any eyfinity purposes
  2. you could use a Display port to DVI adapter a lot of HD 7970s include them
  3. Thanks for the quick response, It looks like my main monitor did have a HDMi hookup. I dug up a cable and plugged both into one, and problem solved :)

  4. that's great
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