General Question: Desktop vs. Mobile CPU Performance.

There's something that's been confusing me for quite a while now. I've been looking at this benchmarking site for a while now:

Here's my question. Looking at a desktop CPU like the i7-3770k which draws 77w max and has a score of 9630, and comparing it to a mobile processor like the i7-3940XM which draws 55w max and has a score of 9962, how does the mobile processor score higher? The mobile CPU, while it is an extreme edition, still has 4 cores, same amount of cache, is clocked slower, and even uses less power.

Is it simply this one benchmark that shows the mobile as a better performer? Or is the mobile just more efficient than the desktop? I'd love to hear any kind of explanation on this. Thanks!
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  1. They both turbo to the same level so maybe the difference is the margin for error.
  2. Even so, the mobile still draws less power. Is Intel doing something special with the i7-3940xm that isn't present on the high end quad core Ivy bridge chips?
  3. It's a much more efficient design. One was designed for a $300 pricepoint so they made some compromised on power consumption and heat. The other was no-compromises and it's a $1000 processor designed to stay cool in a small laptop case and preserve precious battery.
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