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When I play WoW my screen flickers, what do i do? When i turn on V-sync it's better. but still
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  1. Go to ctl pnl/display/screen rez and click on advanced/mon tab. Be sure your refresh rate is correct. Usually 59-60HZ. What kind of monitor and connection are you using? What rez are you running?
  2. I can only have 60HZ. my monitor is SL321, and I think VGA or component. im running 1920x1200
  3. What do you mean screen flickers? Mind posting a screenshot?
  4. I cant post a screen shot. There fuzzy lines that go across the screen, its not screen tearing though
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    Are you using a VGA cable?

    If so, that is probably your problem.
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    Yes, that appears to be niose picked up by the PC's analog output and or cable. If there's anyway you can connect your PC to your monitor by DVI or HDMI, do that... and I bet the problem dissapears. Are you using integrated graphics or a discrete card?
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  8. Thanks, now im uing a DVI, and my problem is fixed. :)
  9. Glad I helped you :).
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