GTX660 Ti how much CPU?

Hi there I recently got a "MSI GTX 660Ti OC edition" and was wondering if the "i5 2500K" over clocked to 4.0GHz would be a bottle neck for this card at all?
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  1. Nope that's one of the best CPU setups available today - won't bottleneck at all unless you're playing some insanely low resolution like 720p. If you're at 1600x900 or higher, you will not see any bottlenecking.
  2. Even more than gtx660i will not bottleneck in your cpu.
  3. as others said,2500k @4GHz is good enough for almost any gpu setup you can buy today.660Ti+2500k=FTW!
    enjoy ;)
  4. Even a stock one would be fine.
  5. It takes a lot more to bottleneck a 2500k, you're in the clear.
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