I need the most boss mother-trucking case ever.

Not really.

Well kinda really, its gotta fit a 7950 3GB, 16GB of ram, and a 600w PSU, one thing though, I want it to look nice and have TONS AND TONS of installed fans/ventallation.

Budget: I would say maybe 80$ but if needed go over a bit.
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    the info you gave doesn't help really except the gpu we know it needs a full lenght card the ram does not matter thats for your motherboard and what form factor is your psu i'd assume atx but you should really say what form factor your motherboard is too... looking nice is a matter of opinion but to me the case your describing is going to cost more than $80 i would think an antec three hundred
    its got good cooling its $70 but you gotta get your own fans as i said the looks is a matter of opinion
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