Is there a sub 145$ AMD that can beat an i3 2100

? Is this possible?
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  1. well you should say what you intend the use of the cpu for
  2. Rendering, gaming, multitasking to the extreme, such as keeping C4D+After effects up at the same time, while browsing 10 tabs on google chrome, hosting a few minecraft servers, and then playing a game.

    PS: Using 1600 16GB Ram
    i have no experience with either cpu so i can't comment really but just point you to this comparison i hope it helps
  4. I think your best bet for that price range would be an FX-6300 or you could even go with the FX-6100 currently on sale at newegg for $105

    This review compares several different cpus:
  5. AMD fx 6300 is the best price/performance CPU available for 140$
    FX 6300 vs core i3-2100
    and it is able to mach the performance of the core i5-3570K in highly mutithreaded programs like 7zip
    core i5-3570k vs fx-6300
  6. A heavily overclocked Phenom 965 will beat it, they are ~$99. You will probably spend that extra $40 on cooling though.
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