CMD.exe pop up at startup after removing old GPU Software.

Hey, I just got my RMA replacement GPUand went to uninstall my old drivers by using this method ( and everything went smoothly until I restarted my PC for the final step to install my new drivers. I keep getting a error right as soon as my PC boots. CMD.exe pops up and with the following error:

Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD AVT\bin\kdbsync.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

This only happens on start up and doesn't effect my gameplay/use after I hit okay. I'm just wondering what could be the cause of this error and how I can fix it. Thanks.

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  1. I've done that. Sorry I forgot to mention. The card I got back was the same model and brand but I wanted to do a fresh software install.
  2. Yes , looks like a bad uninstall.

    If you dont want to use a utility, open a command window and type 'msconfig'(You need admin rights). Go to Startup tab and look for an entry with a Command that has the same location as the error gives you. Un-tick it, apply, and restart.It will show a warning on first reboot that changes has been made with msconfig tool. Tick the box on it to not display it again.

    CMD.EXE should stop popping up from now on.

    Just curious, but why did you seek a 'properly' uninstall guide?...Using the ATI uninstaller is usually enough... :o
  3. I used drivesweeper and when I restarted it it opened up CMD.EXE also. It is saying
    c\program files\ATI technologies\ and then it has a little X in a circle. It says " Are you sure? Y/N"

    If anyone could help me please do. D: I'm scared lol
  4. nvm i yolo'd it and clicked yes and it works
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