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i have standard vga adapter graphics card .but i cannot use AERO . so i installed amd raedon but after after installing it doesnt show in device manager display adapter.
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  1. Hi, Looks like you dont install display driver for your graphic card. Install display driver and Aero will work.
  2. i have installed display driver in my computer but doesnt show in device manager . when updating driver manually it doesnt while browising.
  3. Uninstall and install driver again. Its not working for driver. What is your amd graphic model?
  4. i have install R291793.EXE AMD RAEDON
  5. No, the gpu model, like hd 6670, hd 5450?
  6. the gpu model is AMD RAEDON HD5450 1G DDR3.
  7. halo

    the gpu model is amd raedon hd5450 1g dr3
  8. So its not that old. it can handle Aero. Try this new driver. Assuming you are using 32-bit os.
  9. no. problem is after installing the driver in computer . it doesnt show in device manager . standard vga adapter is not changing after updating. did u understand my question. after installing amd raedon in computer . it doesnot show in device manager as display adapter
  10. Device manager not showing hd5450 right? Did you restart your pc? Is aero enabled?
  11. i have done so many times ... aero is enabled .. but not working bcoz in device manager display adapter is standard vga adapter.
  12. Did u change the monitor cables so it connected to your GPU (graphic card) not the mobo.... (make sure it connected to the gpu)

    Restart, and then reinstall the drivers, and run Windows experience index (WEI) reassessment..

    aero will work if it above 3.4 in WEI

    edit: ps: the gpu will not installed/running if the monitor is still connected with the mobo
  14. Mobo is shortened word for motherboard, sometimes driver not detected because the monitor is conected to the mobo/IGP (onboard vga/intregrated gpu) not to the graphic card itself (GPU/HD5450).

    Make sure it connected to the the GPU not the mobo .. (also u make sure the GPU is working like the fan spins, etc..)
    Try to reinstall the driver (newest is 12.8, but the more stable one is 12.6 and 12.7)
    The last is to do WEI reassestment to enable aero....

    See if the problems still accour or it fix it....
  15. halo..

    giving my configuration. i have dell vostro 260s win 7 32 bit ultimate. i3 core processor. now i have in device manager display driver is standard vga adapter so i need to update the driver . i have tried amd raedon 5450 grahics driver. installed in my pc but it is not showing in device manager. give the exact driver that can work for me. like nvidia geforce i have 306.42., 261, 257, etc all say that are not compitable to hardware. suggest me which driver is compitable to my hardware . please suggest me nvidia geforce or any other nvidia graphics driver which is compitable. in device manager in monitor it generic php monitor. in display tab there is standard VGA adapter. which is not changing at all. also tried 2 three amd raedon , amd turks raedon.. i cant understand what problems is.. is aslo didnt get abt . motherboad. my cpu is running like fan spins also. give me details in normal language. i.e basic. thanks
  16. Well maybe picture means a thousand words, i will try to find/make some pic..
  17. here

    - first goto amd web as mubin posted and download amd catalyst 12.8 (101.8 Mb)....

    - Second Make sure The monitor is connected to GPU as the picture, number 2 in the pic (not number 1)....

    - Restart and when in post screen press F8 in keyboard, run windows in VGA mode..

    - In windows go to control panel, add/remove program, remove nvdia display driver and ati display/catalyst driver.

    - It will requied to restart so restart and when in post screen press F8 in keyboard, run windows in VGA mode.. (again)

    - In windows install amd catalyst 12.8 (101.8 Mb) that had been downloaded at first step

    - Restart, run normal... go to control panel, system, click on Windows Experience Index, at bottom right click re-run assessment.


    edit: do those step and report what happens, or what step that u stuck
  18. thanks for ur reply. i had downloaded intel graphic card. it works fine,

    thanks a lot for ur advice...
  19. You just mess up. You are running built-in Intel graphic but installing amd driver. Thats why there is the problem. Do you have discrete graphic card installed as you said?
  20. I think there a language barrier here, well looks like i had done what i can do.

    No offence but he need a proffesional/technician to assit the GPU installation, it will give better result than try to DIY....
  21. Yeah, he should look for a expert friend of his who can help him setup his system.
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