Need a hand with poor mans eyefinity setup

Approximate Purchase Date: couple of weeks from now

Budget Range: honestly atm am not sure... will be trying to get as much as
I can...(sell old pc/monitor/some herb) but remember guys this is suppose to be a CHEAP build and includes monitors

System Usage from Most to Least Important:Gaming... dont use it for anything else

Parts Not Required: KB, mouse, SSD, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: something Australian *think PCcase,mwave etc*

Country: Australia

Parts Preferences: looking at around 20 inch monitors 1600x900 min res.

Overclocking: why not.

SLI or Crossfire: no issues in the past so once again why not.

Monitor Resolution: min of 1600x900 per monitor (4800x900)

Additional Comments: Im an FPS player in the most part soo games like metro 2033/bf3/bl2 at at least high setting are a must.

My ideas thus far include

CPU- i5 2500k -$189

Board- asrock z77m -$89(if only single gpu)
- asrock z77extreem4m- $114(for crossfire/sli)

RAM- any random 8 gig kit really set aside - $70

Screens-Samsung S20B300B LED- $115ea ($345)

Card/Cards- this is where I hit my snag... I dont mind if its nvidia or ATI one card or two... but I want to push the highest framerate I can across the three screens any and all input welcome.

PSU- dependent upon GPU config...

Case- once again dependent upon GPU config- refuse to spend over $100 on a case period."

At this point I require input on GPU/GPUS for a 4800x900 res gaming machine... setting dont NEED to be ultra just high but, trying to get best performance without breaking the bank... thanks in advance for any input guys
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  2. After a bit of research, it looks like you're gonna need a 7970, GTX 590, or 6990 to get decent frames in BF3, and metro 2033.

    I am personally a fan of the 7970, and you can get a few games free (about $170 worth) if you get it with the promo.

    Though to be honest, I don't know if the deal is available in AU.,18628.html,3104-7.html
  3. I was originally looking at the 7970 buut I can get two 6970's for the price of one 7970 which seems ti performs slightly better in all scenarios so far
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    I think something like the HD 7870 would probably be OK. Either way you will want 2GB+ of VRAM. 4800x900 is 4.3 Megapixels, 2560x1600 is 4.1MP so framerates should only be slightly worse than those at 2560x1600.

    The HD 7870 seems to average ~30FPS on ultra even on the most demanding games at 2560x1600 so with a bit of overclocking it won't have any problems with 4800x900.

    The extra monitors don't tax the CPU any more than a single one would so you could probably save a bit there and get a Phenom 965 or something. I would suggest an i3 but an overclocked Phenom would probably be better value.

    AMD Phenom II x4 965 - $99.99
    2x4GB G.Skill Sniper 1600Mhz - $38.99
    ASRock 970 EXTREME3 - $84.99
    Sapphire HD 7870 Ghz Edition 2GB - $249.99
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM - $69.99
    Antec BP550 550W Modular - $64.99
    Antec Three Hundred - $54.99
    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo - $35.99

    Total - $699.92

    You're looking at about $1050 after the monitors, not too shabby seeing as though you should get ultra on most games, maybe just tone down the AA/AF a bit for games like BF3 and Skyrim.

    One note though, this rig is going to require overclocking to really get the most out of it.

    EDIT: Sorry the Newegg links are useless, just realise you're in Aus.
  5. Idk man, I looked and I couldn't really find any 6970s, and when I did they were the same price as the 7970s

    Also if you can get the games, thats a pretty good deal
  6. hmmm thanks for the input:D
    your suggestion of a 7870 and a phenom have somewhat blown me away....

    as I currently have a phenom x4 960t 6 core unlocked OCed to 4.5... do you think
    this shall be suffice?
    and even my GPUS currently are 6870's in trifire... it almost seems as if I could run the screens fine on my current set up...

    if not.... would you really suggest a 7870/7970 over a 6970cfx set up? as this is not planned to be a future proof set up or anything more or less a throw away build wouldnt the extra few dollars over the 7870 to get the 7970 or 6870 crossfire provide enough power to play everything currently at ultra?
  7. The 6870's will be 1GB so they will struggle to be honest. Your CPU will probably be fine though.

    I'd always suggest a good single card over dual cards. Less heat/compatibility issues. If you want to play everything at ultra, I'd get the HD 7950 3GB and overclock it.
  8. well technically I have 2 gig of active Vram as the first two 6870's are part of a VTX 6870x2 that has 2gig of Vram on the one card.. the third gpu being a sapphire 6870 dosnt add on.

    I have never had an issue with my two card set ups in the past(disregarding my first sli build) and for the price... of two 6970's being $358... only a few dollars more than a 6950
  9. unless crossfire is effected worse in a tri screen scenario than in 1080p I cant seem to find anything more cost effective.
  10. Not quite sure how that works man, I do know you will want a bare minimum of 2GB vRAM though.
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  12. Just as a heads up if you're still looking at crossfiring 6970's then you will need to get at least a 750w psu with all the appropriate cables. Believe me, if you are even thinking about crossfiring in the future, it's worth it. I'm talking from experience because if I want to crossfire my 7870 I'd have to upgrade my psu, and that's just another cost I'd rather not have.
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