A8 5600k, problems w/ performance? (novice)

hey, this is a fairly new computer(purchased around December). Pre-assembled(excluding the graphics card).

Windows 7 home premium 64
a8-5600k @ 3.6ghz
8gb ddr3 @798mhz
ASRock FM2A75M motherboard
xfx R7850HD DD
Realtek High Definition audio

I game a LOT. i know my specs arent that great, but i dont believe im getting what i should be in performance. I also experience a lot of stutter which i believe most is due to my wireless mouse/keyboard, but oftentimes its not. Its so hard to determine what exactly the problem is since its so erratic, and the timing.. i have roadrunner and experience problems here and there with my network, but nothing significant. i say its my cpu because even offline i experience this stutter. Ive checked my cpu usage when playing these games and during the stutter, but i dont remember anything unusual. ill check again soon.

Ive recently turned off the "AMD turbo boost" application thing w/ the cpu, in hopes it might be causing the random stuttering, with no luck. ive tried a few things like this. I've also turned off a lot of startup programs, but was careful and didnt touch anything important. I am a novice with pcs. i can navigate through and do basics with a bit of knowledge here and there, but im totally lost. i dont know where to begin. are there like performance tests i can compare to see if mine is on par with like factory settings. are there known issues with this cpu? ive heared its not great for gaming for some reason. ANY HELP, ANY NOTES are appreciated.
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  1. It's a bit weak CPU, but I don't think it should be bottlenecking the 7850. However, if you were planning to get a good card like this, you should have brought an i3/Phenom II x4 based system.

    Try 3 things in the order I mention,

    1. DISABLE crossfiring between the APU's internal graphics and the 7850
    2. Use the latest AMD drivers, either 13.1, or more better yet, the 13.2 Beta7 drivers(this is supposed to fix stuttering in a few games).
    3. Last option, try OC your CPU to around 4.2GHz, at stock voltages, and disable Turbo boost.

    All the best, I'm sure either 1 or 2 will most probably fix your issue :)
  2. ty 4 the reply, i most definitely try these options. however, i tried manual overclocking my CPU w/out changing the voltages. but even lif i raised it .1, my cpu would be incredibly unstable during games, like im playing on a fuckin 90's laptop. i reset to default settings and never tried to OC it again.

    Ive looked into crossfire but find nothing. Looking around i found a few posts saying that there is no option to enable/disable Xfire on the newer versions of CCC. Is there a way to just disable to onboard graphics? is there a point too?
  3. The should most definitely be an option to enable/disable crossfire. I'm not sure where the option is exactly, but there's nothing a google search with a filter set to the past one year can't find :)

    The reason you have to disable on board graphics is that it's most likely the cause of your stuttering. This issue is worse when the GPU's are of different architecture types(as in your case), as well as, when they are not in close to performance to each other. The HD7850 is much more powerful than the integrated GPU. Disabling the onboard graphics should allow the 7850 to run 'freely' without any issues.

    Also please do try out the new 13.2 Beta7 drivers, or atleast the 13.1 one first, to see if that helps the problem.
  4. go into bios and disable onboard graphics. make sure you have the display cord plugged into your 7850 and that should work. it wont crossfire no matter what you do because the 7850 is incompatible with your cpu onboard graphics. if it still doesnt work it might be drivers, the cpu is just too weak or you have too high of expectations. I know on the a6-3500 it was a HUGE bottlekneck for 7770. when i switched to a core i3 I got WAY better performance on crysis 2. I went from medium-high 35-40fps with really bad stutter to a stutter free 30fps ultra with high textures and dx11.
  5. how can i be able to view the bios menu without using the built in vga port(onboard graphics) i cant see the bootup menu while using my vcard
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