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My resolution isn't working correctly

I have a problem. My resolution isn't appearing as it should. I keep it set to 1440 x 900. And all of a sudden after I exited a game I was playing it is appearing off. It looks like the resolution has been changed to like 1280 x 800. I checked my settings and it says it is set to 1440 x 900. I tried changing the resolution around, I uninstalled the drivers for the graphics card and monitor. I even did a system restore to a few days ago but nothing is helping. Any advice to get my 1440 x 900 back would be greatly appreciated. My graphics card is an asus 5450
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  1. What cable do you use? VGA ,DVI, HDMI ?
  2. I use vga
  3. The LCD should have a Auto-Adjust button.
  4. I have tried that but it doesn't fix the issue. Everything is still way too big like the resolution is much lower than 1440 x 900 =/
  5. If you did all that reinstalling and restoring and still not looking good, plug the screen into another PC.
    If it is still the same prob on another PC, the monitor might be damaged, and needs a repair.
  6. I tried that, I hooked the monitor up to a different computer and it worked fine, Tried a different monitor on this computer and have the same issue. Something else kind of odd I noticed. When I go to my resolution, and move it to 1440 x 900 a little caution icon shows up that says " If you resolution is set below 1280 x 960 some items may not fit on the screen" This used to not show up and if I move the resolution to like 1280 x 1024 it isn't there. Don't know if this helps or not.
  7. Any other help?
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    check that your refresh rate is 60Hz. Or can you use a DVI cable...
  9. I figured out what was wrong and I feel like an idiot. I was fussing about my computer to my wife and she started laughing, I left my computer unlocked and she decided to fiddle with my settings. I appreciate the help.
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