Help! Upgrading to SLI GTX 660 Ti 3GB & Have PSU Requirements Question

Hello, i'm looking to upgrade from a GeForce GTX 560 to an SLI GeForce GTX 660 Ti 3GB setup and I wanted to make sure that my current 620W power supply would be enough to power the cards without any stability issues. I plan on using these card for 1920 x 1080 gaming. I'm looking for this card to play BF3, MOH:Warfighter, Crysis 1/2/3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and Farcry 3 Maxed out on ultra settings. I do not plan on overclocking past the factory settings on either of the cards. Will 620W be enough to power to run both the cards in SLI? Also does my power supply come with the proper connectors to connect and power both cards? ***I have read that the minimum psu requirement for a single Geforce GTX 660 Ti is 450W. If i'm not mistaken adding a second Geforce GTX 660 Ti would bump up my wattage by 150W as a total psu requirement of 600W.*** With all that being said would 620W be enough? I am not very knowledge in the GPU department and all the help I can get is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

1) ***Read here that the maximum power usage of a Geforce GTX 660 Ti was 150W-(Is that how much power it would take to run a second Geforce GTX 660 Ti?):,3279.html

2) The two GTX 660 Ti 3GB card i planned on purchasing(Read here that minimum psu requirement was 450W):

3) My 620W power supply:

4) GTX 560 i'm currently using. Not sure if knowing what I currently have will help or not:
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    700w PSU requirement.

    Browse the rest of the article as well. Good Luck.
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