My computer seems to be download capped while my laptop is not

Hello guys,

Since last week I'm experiencing a problem with my desktop computer. (a week ago everything worked perfect)

I have two computers, one desktop and a laptop.
I also have two connection types, one wireless and one wired both from the same modem.

My laptop isn't experiencing any problems it both works fine on wired and wireless.
My computer on the other hand seems to be download capped at 200kb/ps on wired and wireless while my connection has 1.5mb/ps.

The weird thing is it's the same connection being different on two computers.
I have done about everything.. resetting the modem, checking the cable, checking my network card, scanning my computer for malware, virusses etc.

But i can't seem to find the problem.

Any help would be highly appreciated!


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  1. And what is the download speed that you get on the Laptop wired and wireless. Paste the speed here and try to download the same file on all the rigs with all the different connection one at a time and then post the results here please.
  2. I've downloaded the newest catalyst driver from the amd website (which is always fast).

    Laptop wired: 1 - 1.2mb
    Laptop wireless: 1 - 1.2mb

    Desktop wired: 150 - 200kb
    Desktop wireless: 150 - 200kb

    I think this isn't really a problem with my internet connection but with my desktop computer.
    Weird is that i've done a format a month ago..
    I have no spyware and virusses on my computer...

    So what could it be ? i'm pretty much clueless..

    Thanks for the help so far!


  3. You may need to install the latest drivers for your lan card/wifi card on the desktop.
    Also it would be very helpful if you gave us the Model and Make of the LAN and WiFi card you have there.
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