Lower than expected performance with GTX 680??

I just finished building my new gaming rig, which consists of:
16gb RAM,
Intel i5 3570k quad core processor @ 3.40GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680

However, with this new rig (which I thought would probably be able to pretty much destroy any game on ultra), I am having strange performance issues (aka lower than expected framerate), in World of Warcraft, DOTA2, The Witcher 2, Diablo 3, amongst other games. I have reinstalled drivers, and made sure GPU fan is high enough so it isn't overheating. Anyone please have any ideas why I could be having performance problems like this? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Can you post numbers (in frames per second) and settings you're running the games on?
  2. That score seems OK. What about FPS in games?
  3. Jerky/jumpy/not smooth, so I'd say fluctuating around 40-60fps
  4. What about settings? Is Vertical sync enabled?
  5. Near ultra on all of them - vsync is enabled on some but not on others, although the same problems still occur with vsync.
  6. Can you go to Nvidia control panel -> 3d settings -> Global settings -> scroll down to vertical sync -> select "Adaptive" -> press Apply -> restart PC -> see if it helped?
  7. Also. check your CPU temps and heatsink. If there is a problem there, your cpu could be throttling. The card should be crushing those titles. Though the witcher can tax the card if you have ubersampling turned on.
  8. I dont have ubersampling turned on. What program can I use to check my CPU's heat etc? I presume with adaptive vsync I should disable the ingame vsync? Trying the adaptive thing now.
  9. It overrides game setting, so it doesn't matter what you set in-game.

    As for temperature monitor I suggest HWMonitor.

  10. Ok I'll try now with DOTA2
  11. That's strange... Try another program, like core temp!
  12. HWMonitor doesn't seem to be working to show my CPU temperature, and neither does speed fan for some reason (says -60 celsius which I have a slight inkling is wrong).
  13. Ok core temp works, launching DOTA now
  14. The CPU cores were all stable around 50 degrees, so I dont think that could be the problem. I may try and install watercooling in the future then OC my CPU, although don't know how responsible the CPU is. As for when I was playing DOTA, it seemed better with the adaptive vsync, although I dont know how much better; I'll try some other games.
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