When I install graphics card driver it crashes

Hello I am having a problem with my graphics card driver i have just built myself a computer and when i install the graphics card driver when it reboots and goes parts the windows start up vertical black line appear on my screen and shortly after that it goes to a black screen. The graphics card i am using is a xfx radeon 6850 I know its the graphics card because when i go onto safe mode and disable the graphics card drive I can go on normal mode without any problems. I have tried to install the driver from the disk, website and going into device manager and updating the driver which says that it is at the best update and the problem still accrues if you know how to solve it please help.
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  1. Hi.
    Please tell us the rest of your specs, like mobo, psu etc.
  2. Mother board - p8z77-v-lx
    psu - ocz-zs 650w
    ram - 8gb
    Processor- Intel I5 3570k 3.40 ghz
    Operating system- windows 7 pro 64bit 30 day trial at the moment
    Hard drive - 1tb sea gate (split into 2 500gb hard drives)

    I think thats it if i missed anything just say
  3. Mmm, should work nicely.

    No hardware conflicts ?

    Tried both pci-e slots ?

    Can you try the gpu in another pc to rule out it's defective ?
  4. Im very new to building computers so im not sure which slot you can put the graphics card in iv only gone off youtube site and the manual can i show you a pic or something so you can say which one it can go in?

    and unfortunately i don't have another pc
  5. You have a dark blue pci-e slot 3.0/2.0x16 and a black pci-e 2.0x16 (x4) slot.

    In which one is it know ?
  6. dark blue its the first one from the top of the mother board
  7. the black one says network control above it if that makes a difference
  8. That should be the one i think.

    You could try it on the other one just to see what it does then, although the blue one should be the right one.

    Also no friend/familie with a pc you could try ?
  9. ill try and find some one to test it so if it happens on theirs it's something wrong with the card?
  10. Probably.
  11. Do you have all the power connectors plugged into the card? There should be one or two 6 pin PCI-e connectors for the card to power it.
  12. yes 2 6 pins are connected to the card
  13. and the card works fine in safe mode?
  14. i think so when i enable the driver in normal mode i have to turn the computer off when it goes on a black screen and go on safe mode to disable it so it can be enabled in safe mode
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