Afterburner not detecting 660Ti clock speeds/voltages


I've just bought an MSI Power edition 660 Ti (specifically so I could overclock it). I booted up Afterburner and the software was showing inccorect clock speeds, memory speeds, etc.

I reinstalled Afterburner and now it won't detecting anything other than the card. The core voltage box is blank, and all the clocks are set to zero.

I also thought the triple overvolt on this card opened up more voltage changing options, they aren't there either.

Have I misseed a vital driver or something??

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  1. Check with GPU-Z to see if it shows the correct clockspeed also try using a different program like eVGA Precision X to see if it shows correct clock speeds if it does then the program is probably outdated, try using the beta software from here
  2. I've tried GPU-Z and precision X and they both come up fine. I don't really get it as it was the version of after burner in the link that I used for the fresh install.

    Maybe just a glitch. Can I overclock in precision X? It looks like it at a glance.
  3. You can but you can't use the overvolting feature, try it out and see if it works also have you checked the beta version like I asked you to?
  4. Yeah. It installs but when I run it it says that " some of the MSI afterburner components are expired, missing or corrupted". I've tried reinstalling it, but nothing.
  5. Which driver do you have installed?
  6. 306.02, the one released about 3 days ago.
  7. I'd try downgrading it to an earlier one.
  8. What do you mean wrong clock speeds? Mind posting numbers?
  9. I tried that, but the only one I could find for the 660 Ti was the launch one and that gave clock speeds, but they were wrong.

    As long as the card is running ok and isn't running slow, might it just be easier to leave it for now and see if later drivers sort the issue?
  10. Sure. Most were blank and the core clock was 705MHz, when its clocked at 1020 and 1050 boost
  11. It might be MSI afterburner bug. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  12. I'm starting to think that myself. I just hope they sort it soon so I can take advantage of the triple overvoltage.
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