New build, monitor says cable not connected

My 1st build, test boot everything working, mount in case monitor says cable not connected or no signal when I boot,
Removed everything test boot outside of the case worked again, mount in case , and same thing happened as before ...
Anyone can help?
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  1. its a ground issue did you make sure to use the stand offs before you installed the motherboard .. another suggestion is go to the hardware store and get enough rubber washers to as to make sure that a couple things dont happen one is over tightening the board to the case and another is it helps prevent grounding the motherboard to the case .. also when your installing your accessory back plate make sure its in the grove all the way some of them might need to be bent into place most are standard but then again with different cases you get different effects .. as far as the connector back plate make sure nothing but the tabs are touching the motherboard.
  2. you did run the power cables from your power supply to your gpu correct and the gpu is seated correctly .. if it has intergrated graphics you need to go into the bios and change the display settings to use pci slot instead of onboard..
  3. Used stand offs , did not mount too tightly but still don't work
  4. its a grounding issue possibly return the case and then reinstall the motherboard
  5. some times the sodder spots on a motherboard will be to long and possibly touch the case and this is why they use the stand offs. in your case this could be your issue where one of the sodder points extend past the length of the standoff .. or your io backplate isnt correctly installed
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