Need help to build my new gaming pc

Hi i am new to this forum and wanted to ask your help , i want to spend almost 300 euros and i was thinking about these things to buy :

intel core i3 3225 cpu
Gigabyte H77M-D3H mobo
Gigabyte Radeon HD6670 2GB gfx card

thanks in advance !
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  1. There's no advantage to the 3225 over the 3220 if using a separate GPU.

    Get a better GPU. You should be able to get a 7750 or 7770.

    Are you sure all you need is mobo, CPU, and GPU? You don't need RAM, an HDD, a case, a DVD drive, or a PSU?

    EDIT: Don't bother getting a 2GB card. 1GB is enough for a 1080p screen in most cases and a better GPU is far more important. It may be worth getting a Pentium G2120.
  2. Actually i will unistall the mobo from my old pc and install the new
  3. i was thinking about buying i3 3225 which has hd 4000 i would be able not to buy a gfx card
  4. You really need a GPU if gaming. Integrated GPUs aren't up to much. The HD4000 will go unused with a separate GPU.
  5. i searched 7750 and found this Club3D Radeon HD7750 1GB DDR3 but i don't know if my mobo will work it cause it is express 3.0
  6. PCIe is backwards compatible (you can use any version with any other version, it just works at the speed of the slowest one, which still is unlikely to bottleneck a GPU). Ivy Bridge is PCIe3.0 anyway.

    What mobo do you have now? Is it the one you listed or not? EDIT: CPU too.
  7. i will buy the listed mobo
  8. my current mobo is foxconn p4m8007ma and my cpu is celeron d 336 2.8ghz
  9. Sorry; I read the uninstalling current mobo bit as meaning you were reusing the old one.

    Where do you plan to buy from? I'll find you some parts.
  10. also do you think that this cpu will provide me speed for multitasking?
  11. so you think that cpu g2120 is better than i3 3225 ?
  12. It's worse, but it's good enough for most gaming and lets you get a better GPU. If you're getting a GPU there's no point in the 3225 anyway, as it's identical to the 3220 except for HD2500 vs HD4000.
  13. i just want to play the newest games and the future games you
  14. A better GPU will help more than a better CPU - the Pentium shouldn't bottleneck you for at least a year or two.
  15. isn't there an i3 cpu which will give me both speed and gaming for the next years?
  16. i am able to spend 50 euros more to a better cpu which will help me the next 3-4 years
  17. You could get the i3-3220 if you want. It's a bit faster than the G2120, but not a lot. The GPU will still be the bottleneck, so you won't see any better performance from it. The 50 euros might be better spent on other components. What do you plan to reuse?
  18. first of all i will buy the mobo ,then the cpu and last the graphics card .is gt430 a good graphics card ? i have seen so many videos about this card which can play everything
  19. That card can't play everything; it's actually pretty hopeless. Generally you get what you pay for, and you aren't paying for much with the 430. Get at least a 7770.
  20. ok i will trust you
  21. these are the components that i will buy :

    intel core i3 2130 (123 euros)

    Gigabyte B75M (69.5 euros)

    asus 7770 (120 euros)
  22. You'll need RAM; the stuff from your old board is probably DDR2 and won't fit.
  23. i know i will buy your suggestion thanks
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