Which OS to choose for pc gaming

I need some advice on which OS to get for a gaming pc ,, the pc will only be used for gaming and browsing Internet occasionally
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  1. I'd go for OEM Win7 Home Premium x64. If you like Win8 then get that, but having downloaded and tried the Release Preview I hate it. Try it on a PC in a store first.
  2. i would say any of windows 7 editions will be great at gaming. about windows 8 i dont know what these guys was thinking when they made it :S
  3. The Home Premium is cheaper though, and the only compromise is max 16GB RAM, which isn't a problem for most people.

    Make sure you get the 64-bit version (retail contains both though).
  4. yup
  5. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, definitely. Some of the games companies have hinted at making games and platforms for Linux because they don't like Windows 8, but that's some way off.

    You definitely will not be at a disadvantage if you leave Windows 8 alone.
  6. Windows 7 64Bit is the best thing out there atm for gaming I don advice windows 8 for gaming at all, make sure to get Windows7 64BIT :D
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