Sli trouble

Hi Guys

As the thread says am having trouble wit the sli
I play sleepin dogs wit the sli enabled an the game freezes but i can still hear sound
while i play darksiders 2 wit it enabled an it works perfectly
while if i play sleepin dogs wit the sli disabled it works
I even messed around wit the setting if i set physx dedicate to gpu 1 it works for sleepin dogs but if i set it to 2 or auto the game freezes......any ideas???
Cud be the second Gpu is faulty???even tho it runs darksiders 2 no problem wit sli enabled?

My system specs

Cpu i7 2600k 3.4
Mobo Asus p8p67 rev b 3.1
Gpu 2 Sparkle geforce gtx 560ti 1gb gddr5
Ram corsair vengence 4x4gb
Psu corsair txi 750m 750watts
windows seven ultimate 64
Hdd hitachi 2tb
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  1. this is def a software issue with sleeping could try and update your drivers to the latest ones....seeing that sleeping dogs is a new game I am not surprised usually it takes a little while for nvidia and the game developer to get synced up (both release stable versions of their product so everything works together well)
  2. Drums101 is correct, you can also check NVIDIA's site for BETA drivers if they include an update for the game - their BETA drivers have helped me in the past when I needed a fix for a certain game right away.

    Hopefully both sides are addressing the issue for you.
  3. I made a video about fixing the SLI issue. It's not a 100% fix, but it might help you. This helped me get about 20~30FPS more when running on extreme.
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