Final Build- Any last Hints?


So im sure you may have seen my thread on contemplating a gtx 690, which ive been advised against so thanks everyone who read and replied to that saving me a few bob!

Its been quite a journey in just 2 months i have gone from knowing nothing about building to having researched my own build, however i still require the comfort of you experts to give me that cushion of technical know-how!

So here is the build!

Case: Corsair 400r (Already Purchased)

Memory: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 16GB Ram 4x4GB (Already Purchase)

Optical Drive: Samsung DVD Write Optical Drive (Already Purchase)
Mointor: Asus VE276Q 27 " Black (Already Purchased)

GPU: 7870 GHZ edition or GTX 680 ?? ( Need help here if possible!)

CPU: i7 3770k 8mb cache (Any need to go larger?) 3.5ghz

Mobo: Asus Sabertooth Z77 (I'm told expensive mobo at £169.90)

Storage: OCZ 240gb AGILITY 3 240gb SSD ( £125 on Amazon, is Agility trustworthy, and price reasonable?)

PSU: Corsair GS 600W Gaming Series PSU (Already Purchased)

Ok so thanks for reading this , if i put Already purchased that item is literally sitting next to me in a box in my bedroom! I am probably looking for a new PSU though so will sell it on as i think 600W is cutting it too close and will be looking for any suggestions there which may give me leeway for futher customisation in the future, dont mind the price tbh or it being overkill by too much as id rather have th ability and not the worry too look for one in future as i have already done :pt1cable:!

For the GPU i dont really know what manafacturer to go for with either and perhaps the memory of it, does the 7870 GHZ edition only come in 2GB as far as i can see? :bounce:

Also please can somone tell me some good speakers i could buy and do you need to upgrade the sound card on the mobo i have selected or will it be fine? Again price not too much of an issue within reason, i currently have £1500 to spend dont need to use it all to buy the Storage, GPU, CPU, Mobo and Speakers which i may or may not need a bit of a luxury at the moment :)

Oh also looking at 3D gaming is it worth it, i only just got my 27 non 3D monitor so its more a question for the future but somthing i may look at if its really worth it!

If you can answer as many of my questions as possible it'll be appreciated, im just very excited to order the rest today if possible, all ive been working for last 2 months :sweat:
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  1. Get the 7970 GHz Edition. No point in comparing a 7870 and 680; one costs twice as much (or more). The 7970 GHz beats the 680. I'd be looking at ASUS, Sapphire, MSI, or Gigabyte.

    600W is fine for any single GPU, though you couldn't run CF/SLI on it.

    Agility 3 is a bad SSD. Slow + reliability issues = stay away. Get one of these: or these:

    A 3570K usually performs identically to a 3770K when gaming, though at video transcoding or photo editing the 3770K is better. Not worth the price difference IMO though.

    You'll want an aftermarket CPU cooler if you plan to OC.
  2. Thanks so much for suggestions, i think i meant 7970, probably muddled up as had been going for GTX prior to people suggesting me to go for AMD Radeon, thanks for clarification on my PSU, very useful to know in terms of the SSD also saved me there i remember another User advising me against them when i first posted this build couple months back so cheers for reigniting the old memory noggin!

    In terms of Overclocking i have very little knowledge of it, in fact ziltch, when is it used and too how much of an increase in performance can it give in terms of what i wont be able to do without it, also im guessing to somone who knows its easy but if you imagined being a complete noob in overclocking again then how easy is it to set up, im just wary of mucking somthing up and not being able to return to before i did it, just dont understand if overclocking improves why is it not just the default setting? or does it just use more power so a financial thing...?
  3. It is a case of getting more performance out of a component than it's designed for. The issue is that not every chip is identical so some need to be set up slightly slightly differently than others. Also you can't OC very well on stock coolers because the CPU gets too hot, but an aftermarket cooler fixes that problem.

    If you don't want to OC or SLI/CF then just get an i5-3450 and a cheap B75 or H77 board.
  4. So if i were to Overclock is my PSU still sufficient, also thanks I have gone for a Crucial 256gb M4 SSD , much cheaper and nice speed so thanks alot mate! In terms of the GPU i think the Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 Ghz Edition 3GB is well worth an extra £50from the gtx 670 i had planned on which was only 2GB and a lower performance! You a have really improved me build for roughly £10 less :) just need to find a Aftermarket cooler possibly a PSU if 600W is not enough to OC
  5. Sorry i am reading up on OC'ing currently as we type ( teehee ) but would i keep the computer in a OC state permanently once set or just for certain activites, or would it be safe to leave it Overclocked once i find settings that are safe and provide a benefit in terms of speed, or is it for more demanding games, i am thinking of returning to World of Warcraft once i have gotten my system set up, i havnt played it for 2 years but i certainly had a poor desktop when i used to play, so would love to play it on ultra settings, again thanks for any help you may give mate been a good help on my final step of this journey :)
  6. Just leave it OCed. You can set it up so that it uses SpeedStep and slows the processor down when not being used much (you can probably see this happen if you open up CPU-Z or similar; the clock rate will skip around.
  7. Thanks mate, ive ordered everything now! Well cant believe i forgot the OS haha, would of just had a lovley box with Shiny parts, what a dingus i am >.< ok ordered now cant wait to get building and installing :))
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