hey guys,
i'm pretty new to teh linux/unix environment.. and i need it installed and running(unix preferably)
but the thing is that i have winXP installed, adn my hard drive is formatted with the FAT file system, so can i safely install unix? coz there is no power on this earth that could get me unistalling xp for unix....not today!
any recommendations?
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  1. I have posted this information at least 4 times before. You will find it if you search for "boot" in this forum...

    Do you know what the difference between Linux and Unix is?

    If you do not have your hard drive partitioned, you will need to partition it...This will erase the data on your drive...Just be aware...

    "If you teach a child to read, then he or her will be able to pass a literacy test" - George W.
  2. if i have my hard partitioned?what a question.....
    i have xp installed how could i install anything on my drive without partitions..even if it's one!
    i just know that unix/linux uses it's own partition i think or there is something aboiut partitions under unix/linux that i was told to be aware of... and i don't want a single file gone here.. i'll just freak out!
    and then who the hell is mandrake? or lilo? what are you talking about here....
  3. Like Red_Zealot said, the info has been posted a few times... A HOWTO is online at, too.

    To summarise, here what you need to do:
    defrag windows.
    resize the partition (using the fips.exe application).
    install into the new empty space (1 partition for swap, 1 for linux).
    set up lilo or grub (the boot loaders - the installer should do this anyway).

    There's not much to worry about, really. :-) But having said that, read the install guide first, so you don't kill anything unintentionally.

    Mandrake is a Linux distribution, similar to RedHat or Suse . It's one of the easiest to get running. Easier than XP supposedly.

    If your wondering about Unix (Solaris x86 maybe?) things is slightly different, but not much.
  4. Not to sound presumptuous, but the HOWTO at is just not as good as my stuff...I go into more detail for newbies :)

    I STRONGLY recommend a reformat of the hard drive...Just back up your data.

    Mandrake is definately easier than XP to get running. Half og the XP install is in colored text, Mandrake puts you right into X.

    Look, man...Linux isn't that easy, though it's ease-of-use has improved considerably, and I think you might need to do some research first. Look through some old forum posts, etc. Buy a book on Linux. The one I most heartily recommend is "Running Linux" from O'Reilly. That book is worth its weight in gold.

    You can find Linux Mandrake at:
    You can find my DUal Boot HOWTO at:

    **All one line**
    In that advice, simple Ignore the install of Me, and install XP instead of 2k..

    If you choose not to reformat, then just follow the advice about partitioning...Mandrake allows you to do this from within the installer.

    I VERY STRONGLY recommend you format the Linux partition using the ext3 journaling file system, not FAT. Do NOT format the Linux partition using XFS.

    "If you teach a child to read, then he or her will be able to pass a literacy test" - George W.
  5. And you should probably calm down or something...Just relax. In time you will understand...

    There's no need to be rude...I'm trying to help you.

    "Who the hell is Mandrake?" ... :)

    "If you teach a child to read, then he or her will be able to pass a literacy test" - George W.
  6. hey thanks guys...sorry, but i was haivng a bad day back there, and i'll just check out the book or some,
    and i think i'll try partitioning my drive using the mandrake install program, will let you know what happened!
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