Bridging two modem/gateway's into one connection

so we have telus firbe internet at this house. we have two connections each 25m-bit we've both got actiontech V1000H's.
what im thinking is we hook each gateway up to a host pc (server) and go out from there to a switch (one line dedicated input, the other output as to not clog throughput), then from the switch out to two pc's in the house. phones xbox ect can use its own router(s) in theory would this work.

server specs
intel core 2 quad q8300 2.5 ghz
6 gb ddr2 800
2 tb hdd
all based on gigabit lan
will have additional network cards added
for now we're doing a simple data server, but we've been pondering on how to get two separate connections to work in unison
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  1. This is the kind of thing that is normally handled by enterprise class routers and managed switches.

    What you need to do is setup server 2003/8 with load balancing.

    This would be a good place to start.

    I would recommend installing 3xnetwork cards into the server.

    Connect your modem/router to your ISP as normal and switch off DHCP on each modem/router. Give the LAN port on your modem/router a static ip. This will be the same IP you type to access the modem settings. CAT6 them into the 2xnetwork cards on the server. The other network card then runs to a switch for all your devices. As long as this is gigabyte speed this will be ok. You are limited by the 25m-bit internet connections anyway.

    Use the server for DHCP to all your hosts.

    Modem 1 LAN
    Modem 2 LAN

    Server NIC 1
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway

    Server NIC 2
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway

    Server NIC 3
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway = load balancing
    Setup DHCP on server excluding the above IP range.

    If all goes well then your hosts should get ip upwards with default gateway

    The server will handle the load balance.
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