Best graphics card for a A4-3400

I recently bought a PC with a A4-3400 APU in it. I would like to know what would happen if I used a card that is better than a 6450 with it. I know it wouldn't crossfire, but would any problems occur?

For example, if I used a 6770 with my current APU, would games run better then they do with the APU alone?
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  1. They would run MUCH better. APU is kind of useless for serious gaming.
  2. Really? So the APU wouldn't affect the GPU negatively?
  3. No it would not. The only reason it would if you got a really high end card (like HD 7950), then the CPU parts of the APU would be too slow for it. It's called bottleneck.
  4. The AMD APUs were also built to support an external AMD card in Crossfire very well. However, there may be a limit to how fast a card will be supported; IIRC, this is pretty well documented in either the motherboard or processor docs.
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