HDD will not boot the dual Windows XP and Linux (Ubuntu) System

Hello, I have originally installed Windows XP in a Seagate 1TB HDD and added a Linux OS in a separate partition using Ubuntu. I incorrectly partition the Linux OS having 800 GB of space and the Windows to 200 GB. I repartition it using a software utility I obtained online. When I reboot the drive, it will not find both OS. It only prompts "file not found; grub reload>" I tried reinstalling the OS using the CD, it doesn't load and can't read the CD. I tried reformatting the CD using the Seagate utilities, some of the Seagate utilities menu are grayed out and will not proceed to next. Any idea how to reconstruct the HDD so I can reintall the Windows OS? appreciate anyone's input. Thanks.
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  1. You didn't need to reinstall the OS.
    I've had this problem before - it always happens whenever I change the starting point of my partitions. I made it a habit to fix GRUB after modifying my partitions.

    First, if you don't have one already, make yourself an Ubuntu LiveCD. Keeping a LiveCD around is useful for fixing problems. You can get an Ubuntu 12.10 iso image here:
    And then you can burn it to a CD, and boot from it (you can also use a USB drive, but this is slightly more complicated. The instructions I give would depend on which operating system you make the LiveUSB on.)

    Once you are in the Live system, you can start fixing your problem. Note that Ubuntu comes with its own Partition Manager called GParted. You can launch it from the terminal by typing 'sudo gparted'.

    The commands listed in this page should work for fixing GRUB, I was given similar ones when I had GRUB problems, and they worked perfectly for me. You can run them from your Live system: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repairrestorereinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd/

    If you have any other errors during the process of doing this, pasting the error messages here would be helpful to anyone else helping you.
  2. I forgot to clarify... the reason I mentioned the USB is in case you run into problems with booting from the CD.

    If the above doesn't work, and you still want to reinstall everything, you can still use the Live system to make backups of any work you want to save, and then you can format the drive from the Live system as well. Afterwards, you can install Windows XP with its own CD, and then Ubuntu.
  3. Just clicking the GParted icon in the launcher is easier.

    The other option is to reinstall GRUB. There's a couple of tutorials on how to do it.
  4. Someone Somewhere said:
    Just clicking the GParted icon in the launcher is easier.

    The other option is to reinstall GRUB. There's a couple of tutorials on how to do it.

    I am not familiar with Linux. When you said get a terminal, how do I open a terminal? I already installed the Ubuntu using the liveCD. It's basically a reinstall since I don't know how to fix the files. I also installed the gparted but I don't see it in the launch icon. How do I check the partition or resize the partition using the commands.

    Further, I have not seen my Windows XP OS shown on the boot option. I tried loading the Windows XP Cd but the system just booted to Ubuntu. I tried running the Windows XP inside Ubuntu but it says "an error occurred while loading the archive."
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