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So i have been thinking about getting the Gtx 670 for a while, but haven't bothered even saving up for it. I plan to soon. I plan to purchase the card around black friday or cyber monday. Which date is better? I only need the 2 GB version. My budget is 400-430.
I play games ranging from cs-bf3, i do quite a lot of video editing. I have a 600 watt CORSAIR Gaming Series PSU. I have a x6 1600t cpu 8 gig ram my case is Antec Three Hundred Two. I will be doing a bit of oc, and i play on a 1920x1080 resolution monitor. I't cant be a reference design, like the evga ones. I like the reference design of the 670, so im wondering if the EVGA 670 FTW has good cooling.
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  1. You're not going to find GTX 670 deals of any significance on black friday or cyber monday - I would be absolutely stunned if there were a deal better than $10 or $20 off.

    Deals typically show up on lower-end stuff.

    Anyways, the best 670 in my opinion is this one:

    It's as fast as 680, overclockable, cool, and relatively quiet:
  2. do you want a 670 the can overclock or just a regular 670? overclocking wont make a big difference in anything but if you want to you can. if you want a standard 670 and save some money for something else
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