1 of 4 monitors displays default ( not plug and play)

Looking for ideas on my 4 monitor system. I have an Nvidia Quadro NVS 450 on an XP machine.

One of the monitors displays a default monitor when if should display a plug and play. Although I set the resolution the same on all 4, the actual res on the default monitor is different.

Now the biggest problem is that it is intermitent. I can del the default monitors in device mgr - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't

Any ideas ??

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  1. Let's start with you telling us what cables you're using to connect the monitors ;).
  2. I have Display port cables coming out of the card to DVI-D to the monitors. Didn't think of adding that. Do you need any other info ??

  3. Can you test whether the problem occurs with one particular monitor, one particular cable or one particular slot? If non of that, does it only come up when you connect all 4 monitors?
  4. ahhh thanks - I will play with that later. It only comes up on Monitor 4 - but have not done any troubleshooting by switching cables at card position or monitors.

    I will give that a try later.

  5. Let us know the results!
  6. Sunius said:
    Let us know the results!

    I am just getting back to this issue. I had other priorities for awhile, and at the time, it was working - if I restart enough times - I can get all 4 monitors to work as a plug and play.

    I switched cables between 2 and 4 and the resolution did not change from the 4th(right most monitor). IE the same monitor is affected when switching cables.

    Before I restarted the system I uninstallled all the monitors from device mgr.

    Upon restarting it loads 3 plug and play monitors and 4 default monitors.

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