My new gaming rig isn't working

I recently bought a really fast gaming machine with a fx4100 and a 7750, but when I try to play Bf3 it stutters alot. :(
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  1. What settings are you trying to play on and what resolution? It shouldn't stutter on medium settings at 1920x1080!
  2. Thanks for the quick response, My monitor is 1920 x 1080 im using ultra settings
  3. That's your reason for stuttering. Your card is too weak for ultra settings...

    Reduce settings and the stutter should go away.
  4. When I bought the pc they said it would max any game.
  5. Then you've got ripped off! That is medium range gaming PC at best. I'd suggest you return the PC and request refund if they really said so.
  6. Really? i paid £1500 for it. What should i have gotten for that? I thought the 7750 was fairly new
  7. £1500 :O :O OH my god that PC is worth 500 pounds at best... Yes, HD 7750 is quite new, but that doesn't mean it's powerful. It's an entry level card. Get a refund asap. Where did you buy it from anyway? After you do that, I'll be able to advice what to get for that price.
  8. so its not a good card? I phoned them and they said to update my drivers.
  9. Well, it is an entry gaming card. It will play games at medium-high settings, but not much more. It costs 70 pounds. In 1500 pounds PC I'd expect at least 600 pounds budget for the graphics card.

    As for updating drivers - that will not change anything. What did you buy it from?
  10. Gluebag said:
    Really? i paid £1500 for it. What should i have gotten for that? I thought the 7750 was fairly new

    You got ripped off. If you don't know much about the computer your buying, get people to check it for you lol. I would never suggest that for 1500.
  11. Then bring the PC to their shop and demand that they install the game correctly. When they are unable to do that, request a refund.
  12. Just a small retailer near me, I can't believe it. I phoned them and they won't refund me, they said I must have installed the game incorrectly
  13. Gluebag said:
    Just a small retailer near me, I can't believe it. I phoned them and they won't refund me, they said I must have installed the game incorrectly

    nononoo, do not tell them your situation. If you bought the computer like within the last 2 weeks talk to the manager and tell him you demand a refund.

    Installed the game incorrectly, really.. not even an excuse lol.
  14. Also, you may threat to sue them if they are hesitant to refund you.
  15. I might just have to sell it on how much would i get for it?
  16. You won't get more than 400 pounds for it. But dude, don't sell it. Demand a refund. Seriously, they scammed you big time.
  17. ok ill call into them tomorrow. fingers crosswd
  18. Don't argue with them over phone. Head to their office instead. If they refuse, ask to talk to their supervisor.
  19. I never reply to any posts, but dude i feel for you badly on this one. You are getting ripped off terribly. I recommend you do some research online and get the exact prices of all the parts in your computer. Once you get a rough figure which i honestly cant imagine it being more then 500 pounds take the parts list to the retailer and tell them you SCAMMED out of 1000 pounds and tell them you will sue. This is unacceptable and don't stand for it.
  20. I think this retailer should even be prosecuted for lying this bad.
  21. Im sending my support from Argentina! Let us know how this ended...
    Or could it be a troll....?
  22. You seem to have sparked lots of curiosity! Personally I would love to see the full configuration you received.... please, indulge us!
  23. Man, I feel sorry for you. But you will get what is worth for your money.

    Do not accept anything but a refund. They might try to say I am sorry and sell another one for you. These guys do not deserve any trust. Get you cash back and buy a new one some place else.
  24. I hope this isn't a real situation. That's horrible.

    By law they must give refund. Or you can call the police while you are in their shop. DO it! Get your money back.
  25. Also print this thread off and show it to to the shop owner. The bastar&s have screwed you. Let us no the address of the shop involved and we could maybe get a petition going if they refuse to refund you. In addition you could speak free of charge to consumer protection and the citizens advise bureau to see where you stand legally. This kind of stuff makes my blood boil
  26. They charged 3x the value of it's net worth. Got the money and bought 3 more.

  27. "really fast gaming machine with a fx4100 and a 7750"

    this is a really fast gaming machine for...solitare. You got ripped off bad my friend, these parts are junk. Any nice gaming machine is gonna come with an i5 2500k, not an AMD chip.

    Did you pay cash or did you use a visa/mastercard? I dunno how things work over there but you should be able to put a stop payment on the charge if it was a check or credit/debit card.
  28. I mean jesus for that much money we could have put together a machine that makes this one look like a fancy calculator...
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