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Hello, I am helping a friend upgrade his computer for a gaming university program. He wants the best of the best and requires an ati card for the course. His current computer is a Gateway FX6801-01

Since he wanted the best out of an amd product i offered the radeon 4970. He is willing to pay for the product and i'm fairly certain it will work in his computer, i just want some extra help from you guys. What im asking is if this card will work in this computer, also bearing in mind any bottle necking. Also what model of 7970? thanks
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  1. I'm assuming you're talking about the 7970 not the 4970. As long as that 750W PSU has 2 6- pin PCIE connectors, then a 7970 should work. I'm not sure how much room the case has. I'd recommend Sapphire or Gigabyte:
  2. Well, if it can run a GTX285, it can probably run a 7970 no problem.
  3. Yes, i did mean 7970 my mistake. Ill check to make sure the psu has 2 6 pin connectors. thanks for the help.
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