Power Supply not giving enough power?

First time I installed the drivers from my motherboard on my system I got an error that said "wrong gpu configuration" I believe this error comes up when installing the Lucid program, which I am going to remove. However, when I play minecraft I only get around 20FPS, V-Sync is disabled. I am guessing the Power supply is not drawing enough power or am I wrong?

1. Could the message wrong gpu configuration mean that the integrated graphics from the G850 and the AMD 7770's graphics are both turned on?
2. Could the low FPS be becasue the card and PCI slot are 3.0 and the Pentium G850 only supports 2.0?

Pentium G850
ASRock H77 pro4-mvp
CX500 Power Supply (500w)
HIS AMD 7770 (PCI 3)
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    Well my solution to you is to go to the bios and switch the video from on-board/auto to PCI-E and/or go into device manager and disable your on-board video card. As an answer to question #2 the PCI 3.0 video cards are backward compatible with PCI 2.0 slots without performance loss.

    Also have you installed the drivers for the HD 7770? I don't think a power supply can slow you computer down, it will either not turn on if there is not sufficient power. However you may have overheating issues, let us know your temperatures when playing minecraft with HWmonitor in the background.

    - Socialfox :)
  2. Your power supply is fine as your system draws way less than 300W at peak. You didn't provide the resolution and other parameters that can negatively affect FPS.
  3. Great answers, thanks so much everyone. I will do all the steps you told me to do, I have installe the drivers but they aren't the latest drivers because whenever I tried downloading them I would get an error. I found a way to update it though, thanks everyone!
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