Does XP work with intel i3 CPU?

My Media Center stopped working a while ago. Still Boots XP but refuses to run installed Media Center. Was going to try and upgrade hardware (mobo, cpu, ram, video) and was thiking of the new i3 CPUs as i believe XP doesn't recognize quad cores.

Any inputs / advice?
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  1. XP will work fine with any new processor. However if your media center stopped working because you have an unlicensed copy of XP that won't fix your problem.
  2. xp will work, but its also being dropped in Februay. Buy Win 7 or Win 8 instead
  3. It's a legal copy. Actually it is the version specifically for building a media center. Just wondering because the hardware was brought for that version and am wondering if things like the Hauppage TV card that I was using would still work. I'm still looking to see if I can find the drivers for it. The disk is somewhere in this pile!

    Thanks for answering! I appreciate it!
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