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I need to get the old XP data over to the new W7 computer. I also have a 1TB external drive. I need to get my files and photos and such moved over. Help please, I'm not a computer expert and I can't find anything on MS website. The easy transfer is not recognising the .dat on my W7. I was able to use easy transfer on the XP to the external drive (Collection Complete) but when I use W7 easy transfer it is looking for .mig data.
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  1. If you're familiar with 'drag and drop' you could transfer individual folders, unless someone can figure out why Easy Transfer not working. (Suspect its cos its XP to WIn 7!)
  2. yeah I have never had this issue. do you really have more stuff to transfer than you can drag and drop?

    I know you there are programs that completely clone your HD and can be directly copied to another HD. Seems more trouble than its worth unless you have many terabytes of stuff you wish to transfer.

    I enjoy a fresh start when reformatting. Try to do the old drag and drop method as dodger suggested and keep only the stuff you really use.
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