Need help problem with my pc first time boot up

hello everyone i hope you can help me as i am having a bit of a nightmare!
today i started building my first ever gaming pc, it has all been going well until i went for the first time i tried a test boot of it.

the psu fan starts spinning for a second and then stops, the graphics card fan spins continuously but the cpu fan wont spin at all and the speaker goes beep....... beep beep beep beep

then on the screen it says CPU fan error!

obviously i was terrified so switched it off immediatley but dont know what to do, i feel like i have really thrown myself in at the deep end and am scared as i have put alot of money into this!

mobo asus p8 z77-v
cpu i5 3570
psu corsair tx650
gpu xfx 7850 2gb
ram 8ggb corsair
case cooler master elite 430

hope you can help me!
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  1. How many times have you booted up your pc? If it was multiple times did the same thing happen with your cpu fan each time? Does it always start for a second then stop completely or has it been running but just not detected by the motherboard?
  2. about 5 now, ive gone into the bios and cpu fan is n/a and prw fan is n/a
    it runs at the start for about 5 seconds then spins to a stop just before the mobo boots
  3. ive attached the cpu fan onto the cpu clamped it down and plugged the fan into the 4 pin connector named cpu fan on the mobo
  4. I read a topic with a similar problem guy had one long beep and then four short beeps and cpu fan wasn't recognized in the bios and this was voted the best answer this is it word for word:

    "Go into your bios on post, go to advanced mode, go to monitor, turn off cpu fan monitoring or turn off Q control completely (this lets all fans run at 12v).

    Your processor fan may be running at too lower speed for the motherboards liking.

    Check your temps when you are in windows to ensure you have adequate cooling."

    Either that or the cpu fan itself is actually broken and you would need to replace it.
  5. just tried turning of q control but no difference again on the reboot, i am absolutley gutted, this has taken me 4 months to save for and i feel so foolish now! is there any other ideas you can think of or will it be the fan? will i have to but a new one or is this going to be covered in the warranty? gutted!
  6. first off, relax. you can return everything if you have to. if you have a local store i would go get a new fan fort the cpu. check all the connections....correct place, properly seated. reset the bios and try again.
  7. haha i know im just getting agitated because i have waited so long for this! it all seems right, i have checked and checked again but this is my first time doing it and i have nobody to ask other than you guys. ill go get a fan from pc world and see if its any better. will i have to get some thermal paste and re apply if i am going to switch the cpu cooler?
  8. pc world dont have a cooler for my 1155 chip, will have to order a one online for monday or do you think will get back to me in time to help me?
  9. solved the cpu error! my dad who has zero experience in this just came in and pointed out that there was a wire caught in the fan stopping it from turning, took it out and it worked perfectly! i feel so stupid but feel so happy! :) my only quick question now is, should the power supply bew spinning all of the time? as it only spins for a few seconds at the start and then stop?

  10. Depends on the power supply as some of them only spin when they need to. Like if you are only on the internet or something basic they don't use alot of power and the fan doesn't spin but if you're video rendering or playing a video game then the fan will spin at a lower or higher frequency depending on the stress the computer is under.

    I think you're power supply is capable of that changing fan speeds depending on what you're doing. I'm not sure about the fan not being on at all though but that would be my guess.
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