My HD 7850 is not being read, windows 7 onlys reads onboard graphics

I have a HD7850 and it's not being read by windows 7, i can't even use the hdmi port. I've double checked the PCIe socket on my z77 gigabyte mobo and psu connector. Before installing win7 i could use the hdmi port on the graphics card. In addition to this, the fans on it seem to work. Much appreciated, this is my first build and it's frustrating :D
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  1. You could check the bios and make sure that your motherboard is set to use your PCI-express graphics card slot, rather than you onboard graphics? report back if that works?
  2. Sorry about the delay. I'm in my Bios and under PCIE slot configuration it's set to AUTO. Also, Init display First is set to PEG rather than PCI or IGFX.
  3. Right, everything seems to be in check in the bios, after I realised what everything meant. Also, I've double checked that it's in the x16 slot. Should I try disabling onboard graphics or is that unnecessary?
  4. Not normally. Double check that all leads are plugged into your graphics card. And that you are plugging the monitor into the correct port that is on the graphics card, not onboard. If this doesnt work, can you try the card in another computer maybe?
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